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Medical Bandage Dryer

Medical Bandage Dryer

KD Type medical bandage dryer used for medical bandage to do bleaching, dyeing and drying.


KD Type medical bandage dryer used for medical bandage to do bleaching, dyeing and drying.


Medical Bandage Dryer Main Parameters

Working Direction:

Left hand or right hand

Nominal Width:


Drive Mode:

AC frequency conversion





Heat Resource:


Shape Size:


Medical Bandage Dryer Structure

1. Bandage unwinding machine: 1 set (The rack is 10# channel steel)

Specifications: 53mm, 103mm, 153mm, 203mm

According to this classification, it is equipped with a 2mm stainless steel separation plate, and 2 rolls (specification) 100mm. The front and rear sides of the coil box are 304 stainless steel round semi-circle forming, so that the rules of bandage into the traction rolling car.

2. Traction padder: 1 set (Frame is 60*80 square steel)

Specifications: Two 159 rollers are made of NBR, rubber thickness 15mm, fixed by the bearing shaft shell, 1.5KW Cycloid reducer drag, frequency control, pressure cylinder Φ80mm

3. First J-box: 1 set (rack is 4*4 angle iron)

Specifications: Made of 304 stainless steel, 1.2mm thick plate welding, the lower end is 4*4 angle iron, nylon pulley combined composition

4. First separator: 1 set

Consisting of Φ40*2mm stainless steel pipe drilling. The bin size is 53mm, 103mm, 153mm, 203mm respectively

5. Second J-box

6. Second separator

7. Dryer: 1 set (has 16pcs of drying cylinder, and 2 pcs of dehumidifier)

Double column, drying cylinder Φ570mm, with pendulum elastic frame in the middle, the body is completely closed, there are 2 0.75KW humidifier fans on the top, and the drying cylinder is coated with Teflon.

8. Third J-box

9. Doffing frame: 1 set

It is made by welding of 14# channel steel. The cloth roll is Φ180mm rubber roller. The cloth roller adopts Φ80mm rubber roller. It is controlled by 2.2KW cycloidal pin reducer with variable frequency speed.

10. Total power: 20.2KW

1). Traction padder : 1.5 KW *2=3KW

2). Squeezing dyeing padder : 3KW*1=3KW

3). Double column drying cylinder: 3 KW *2 =6KW

4). Dehumidifier fan: 0.75 KW *2=1.5KW

5). Doffing outlet frame: 2.2KW*1=2.2KW

6). Preparation tank motor: 3KW*1=3KW

7). Feed pump motor: 1.5 KW *1=1.5KW

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