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Fiber Dryer

  • Loose Fiber Drying Machine

    Loose Fiber Drying Machine

    KD-B061A Type Loose Fiber Drying Machine is delivered from the chassis fan, blinds, heaters and other combinations formed. Racks are for the channel, angle iron and other components, main room with side fit two parts, steel isolation, main room installation of supply air...Read More
  • Loose Fiber Dryer

    Loose Fiber Dryer

    KD-B061A Type Automatic Loose Fiber Dryer is suitable for wool, wool-washing process and other bulk fiber drying.Read More
Wuxi Kangda is one of the leading fiber dryer manufacturers and suppliers certified by CE, ISO and DAS. Welcome to buy fiber dryer for sale at competitive price from us here. Also, customized service is offered in our factory.