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Circulation Stenter Dryer

Circulation Stenter Dryer

MB-200 Type three compartment four layer circulation stenter dryer, stenter drying machine.

Product Description


Circulation Stenter Dryer Main Specification

1. Machine direction: One-way ( Type:3 compartment 4 layer circulation)

2. Working width: 1000~2000(any adjustment)

3. Dimension: 18660*4400*3000

4. Weight: 48 tons

5. Heat source: Steam

Circulation Stenter Dryer Technical Date

Speed: 0~19m/min

Fabric capacity : about 75m

Steam pressure; 3~5kg/cm²

Temperature of chamber: 130℃

Main drive: 5kw—4 level

Gearbox of main drive: i=1:71m=10

Total power:70kw

Hot air circulating fan: 4# non-standard 2.2kw-4kw 24 units

Exhaust fan: 4# 2.2kw-4kw 3 units

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