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Advantages and characteristics of the wool sweater drying machine
Jan 05, 2019

During the operation of the wool sweater drying machine, under the suction of the fan, the fresh cold air outside is directly exchanged with the heater through the air inlet to become dry hot air, and then with the tumbled clothes in the drum. After the heat exchange, the body is discharged, and the clothes in the drum are gradually evaporated and dried under the action of dry hot air. Since the moisture in the laundry needs to absorb and consume heat, the exhaust air temperature of the dryer gradually increases as the moisture in the laundry decreases.

The main features of the wool sweater drying machine

1. The sweater drying machine adopts computer automatic control, which can be configured with different drying temperature and drying time according to drying requirements to achieve drying automation.

2. The inner tube of the wool sweater drying machine is made of stainless steel bright plate with excellent heat resistance, and the inner wall is smooth, which reduces the wear of the clothes.

3. The sweater drying machine is equipped with a reasonable air intake duct to make the hot air directly contact with the clothes, which improves the drying efficiency and saves energy.

4. Fast heating; reasonable structure, low noise and easy operation. There are two options for steam heating and electric heating.

5. The sweater collection net of the sweater drying machine is not easy to cause the clogging of the plush, which protects the smooth flow of the air duct and improves the drying efficiency.

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