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Air flow dyeing machine
Aug 23, 2018

Compared with traditional liquid flow dyeing machines, air flow dyeing machines circulate fabrics by means of gas passages containing moisture or water vapor, and almost all fiber materials and their mixtures can be bleached and dyed. The biggest feature of the airflow dyeing machine is that it greatly reduces the consumption of dyes, chemicals and energy.


In the air-flow dyeing machine, the fabric is driven by the high-pressure air generated by the circulating fan, and its running speed can be controlled by the air flow according to the process requirements. In the production process of this equipment, the contact and exchange mode between fabric and dye solution is mainly air atomization and air pressure infiltration.


Air atomization is a process in which dye passes through a circulating pump and forms a fine atomized particle after passing through a special nozzle. The fabric receives atomized dye at the nozzle and is driven by high-speed air at the same time. This equipment can not only ensure the dyeing requirements of fabrics, but also achieve the purpose of saving electricity consumption.


The pressure atomization is that the fabric passes through the dye nozzle first and then enters the second airflow nozzle through the cloth guide roller. High-speed air flow not only plays a role in pulling fabric operation, but also has the function of pressure diffusion of dye solution on fabric surface.


Either way, the fabric is only carrying dye solution, not soaking in the dye solution, the excess dye on the fabric will flow through the bypass to the bottom of the dyeing tank, the fabric carrying dye solution folded neatly stacked in the middle of the tank coated with PTFE guide roller or guide belt, and slowly forward. Under the instantaneous pressure of high-speed air flow, the dye solution will diffuse uniformly and fully to the fiber interface, which is beyond the reach of overflow dyeing machine.

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