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Ardworking Staff of China International Textile Machinery Exhibition
Nov 01, 2018

Early in the morning, the staff were placed in advance, waiting for a large number of exhibitors and spectators to enter.


Considerate service

After entering the registration hall and completing the registration and purchase of WeChat tickets, the audience can obtain tickets through a self help printer.


Visitors can register tickets and get help at the designated counters.


The licensed audience can enter through the fast lane according to the external guide of the exhibition hall.


Visitors carrying luggage and other articles can also deposit their belongings and make them easily accessible.


After entering the venue, you can see clear Pavilion guidelines everywhere, there are more paper guide for the audience, easy to carry.


Everywhere in the exhibition hall, you can get the daily newspaper, quickly understand the latest developments of the exhibition, and more staff in the exhibition hall will be sent to you.


Operating Center, Intellectual Property Office, Information Center, Home Technical Office, Service Office... Multiple safeguards are closely linked, ready to provide services for exhibitors and spectators.


Countries and regions have given strong support to the textile machinery exhibition. The industry information center in the exhibition hall is their daily office space.


After the exhibition, you can take the free shuttle bus and leave the library conveniently.


Security personnel provide detailed support services to ensure the safety of each exhibitor and audience in the stadium.


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