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Characteristics of yarn dyeing machine
Jan 30, 2018
It is most suitable for bleaching of single spinning, rayon, mercerized cotton yarn, spun silk, silk, fancy yarn and cashmere, scouring, dyeing, washing and reprocessing. The machine adopts special designed pump with low energy consumption and large flow rate, which improves the cavitation resistance of the pump, and solves the problem that the low water content of traditional type machine affects the dyeing quality at high temperature. The newest Weir Flow jet tube is durable, the dyeing tube and the yarn-shifting pipe become one, the dye is absolutely not entangled or knotted phenomenon, after dyeing, easy to pour, loss rate is low. • Special design Water Conditioner The amount of yarn dyed and the number of yarns and the number of different kinds of yarn can be adjusted arbitrarily. • The machine is optimized by structure, Bath ratio reduced to (110~15), save raw materials, reduce costs.

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