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Classification of fabric dyeing machines according to their morphology and characteristics
Jan 30, 2018

Fabric dyeing machine According to the form of fabric dyeing and characteristics of the rope-like dyeing machine, dyeing machine, rolling dye machine and continuous pad dyeing machine, and so on, the latter three species are flat-width dyeing equipment. Wool fabric, knitwear and other easily deformed fabrics, mostly with pine rope dyeing machine dyeing, cotton fabric with a flat-amplitude dyeing machine. ① rope Dyeing machine: Mainly by the dyeing groove, round or oval basket drum composition , is intermittent dyeing equipment. When dyeing, the fabric is relaxed and curved to soak in the dyeing bath, after the guide cloth roll is lifted by the basket roller, and then fall into the dyeing bath. The fabric is looped and run. During the dyeing process, the fabric is immersed in the relaxation state in the dyeing bath, the tension is smaller and the bath ratio is 20:1~40:1.                                

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