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Cold Pad Batch Dyeing Machine Features
Apr 13, 2018

The dyeing of a cold pad batch dyeing machine means that the fabric will pass through padding dyeing liquor and alkali liquor at a low temperature, and then the roller is used to make the dyeing liquid absorb on the fiber surface of the cotton fabric, and then it is wound and stacked at room temperature. The next stacking for a certain time (bonding time) and the slow rotation occurs, so that the dye adsorption, diffusion and fixation process is completed, and finally the dyeing of the dyeing is completed. The process adopted by the cold pad batch dyeing machine includes three stages of padding working fluid, stacking and fixing, and washing.


The dyeing characteristics of cold pad batch dyeing machine, first of all, even if the whole process is semi-continuous, but because the preparation work is completed before the machine, the production efficiency is very high; this equipment on the dyeing, fixing is bound to be It is completed at room temperature, and even if heating is needed for washing, it is easy to clean because of its high rate of cold dye fixing and less hydrolysis dyeing. Compared with padding that requires intermediate steaming, it greatly saves much. Water and steam energy have eased the decolorization of sewage.


Cold pad batch dyeing machine equipment is relatively simple, less investment, the area is also relatively small, even after the stacking site, can also be arranged flexibly according to the situation of the workshop; for this cold dye not only its own cleaning easier, but also can make it The planned dispatch can be used to separate the dispensing machines, saving the cleaning time of other machines due to frequent changes.


When the cold pad batch dyeing machine is cold-stained, it can be slowly fixed at room temperature for a long time without migration. Regardless of the elasticity of the fabric, the permeability of the dye is better, so the product shade is more pure and completely resolved. The problem of corduroy exposed to meet the market demand.


The dyeing of the cold-rolled batch dyeing machine, as long as the process is properly controlled, can also solve the problem of the consistency of the conventional color, especially the difficult-to-difficult-color dyeing; this cold-rolled heap dyeing machine in the process of work, on this cold pile fabric Stacking on the A-frame greatly relieves the storage box turnover pressure.

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