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Comparison between ultra-low bath ratio dyeing machine and conventional dyeing machine
Aug 30, 2018

When the ultra-low bath ratio is 1 to 3, the dye liquor is not immersed in the spindle,it’s called no water immersion dyeing. New technology and new method are adopted in ultra-low bath ratio dyeing machine, which can obviously reduce the consumption of dyeing auxiliaries, water, electricity and steam.


In the dyeing process of conventional cone yarn dyeing machine, the dye liquor is immersed in half vat. Because of the special structure of main circulation pump, the dye liquor of ultra-low bath ratio dyeing machine does not immerse the spindle, and the low liquid level circulation of dye liquor can be realized through the pump lift. This reduces the adverse effects of long time soaking of the yarn, such as increased density and increased resistance when dye liquor circulates through the yarn layer.


The direct result of the reduction of the dyeing bath ratio in the ultra-low bath ratio dyeing machine is the reduction of water and steam consumption during dyeing.


Another difference between the ultra-low bath ratio dyeing machine and the conventional dyeing machine is that the dye flow is controlled by pulse flow. This can achieve a high cycle ratio, dyeing yarn penetration speed is fast, thus greatly reducing the process time, but also easier to guard against the color difference between inner and outer layer of yarn in dyeing process, color spots and other dyeing defects, to achieve leveling effect.

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