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Direct To Garment Printing Machine Features and Precautions
Mar 22, 2018

When it comes to the characteristics of garment printing machines (also known as garment printers, T-type printers, universal flatbed printers), first of all, we also need to pay attention to the fact that it applies to any material, to a large extent Extensive range of aspects; directly to the garment printing machine does not require plate making, printing is quick and its cost is relatively low, can be used for a variety of output software, support for different types of file formats.


Direct to garment printing machine opportunity with professional color management software, can change color anytime, anywhere, do not need to pay extra fees; one step to complete, that is, imprinted, to meet the needs of quick sample and finished products; one can print, For large quantities, it will also be able to support stencil printing, with the characteristics of saving time and labor; using computers to operate, without the need for personnel to rely on, upgrade space is large.


Direct to garment printing machine uses a full-color image, can be completed at one time, and can achieve full photo quality effect when using progressive colors, positioning accuracy, reject rate is zero; directly to the garment printing machine in the actual When it is used, it takes only 30 minutes and it can be smoothly grasped. The products produced are excellent and do not require professional skills.


The use of direct to garment printing machine is to clean the nozzles immediately when the nozzles of the clothing color machines are blocked. When cleaning two or three times can not be cleared, it must be sufficient to use the “direct strong cleaning” function. When using this method for cleaning, when the clothing color printing machine control panel has English prompts, the ink sticks on both sides of the ink cartridge should be fixed. Hit it and repeat it two or three times. After the cleaning is completed, check the result using the function of “printing nozzle pattern”.


When a color direct to garment printing machine is completely out of print, it is necessary to check whether the ink cartridge is blocked by the ink or the nozzle. When the ink tube is cleaned with bubbles, it is necessary to pay attention to entering the engineering menu directly to the garment printing machine to completely discharge the ink in the ink tube. When operating, at least 50% of the ink is required for each cartridge, and the printer can be turned off after the waste ink reservoir is cleared.

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