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Dyeing quality of automatic socks dyeing machine
Apr 08, 2018

When it comes to one of the main features of the automatic socks dyeing machine, that is, its inner and outer cylinders are made of high-quality stainless steel, which will not cause any damage to the linen. The automatic sock dyeing machine has advanced technology and uses us. When the state-leading dyeing computer controls the actual use, it can easily realize the full automation of quantitative water addition, heating, plus dyes and additives.


The fully automatic socks dyeing machine adopts a relatively unique transmission design. When it is actually used, it can completely eliminate the leakage of the dyeing liquor, so as to guarantee the quality level after dyeing. For the current dyeing machine equipment, The advanced technology used is controlled by variable frequency control technology. The actual use is also characterized by energy saving, water saving, and environmental protection.


When it comes to fully automatic socks dyeing machine, the dyeing quality is affected by the winch speed and nozzle pressure. The fabric UI in the dyeing chamber is pulled by a winch and then it is taken into the nozzle. The nozzle is an annular outlet, and the dye liquor will be ejected from the gap of the nozzle. With the pressure of the nozzle, the dye liquor is sprayed on the rope-like fabric, and the folded fabric is transformed into a folded position in the dyeing chamber due to the accumulation. The speed of the fabric depends on the speed of the capstan and the nozzle pressure.


When fully automatic socks dyeing machine dyes, in the temperature area where the fabric absorbs dye, attention should be paid to increasing the number of cycles of the fabric. On this point, in order to increase the running speed of the fabric, the level dyeing of the fabric is ensured. When the liquid volume is constant, the automatic sock dyeing machine increases the dye cycle by increasing the dye flow rate (ie, increasing the nozzle pressure). This increases the number of dye-to-fabric contact times and shortens the dyeing time.


In order to ensure the dyeing quality of fully automatic sock dyeing machines, it is necessary to pay attention to the cooperation between the speed of the winch and the nozzle pressure while increasing the speed of the fabric and increasing the cycle time of the dye liquor. Otherwise, the product quality will be directly affected. In other words, the winch speed and nozzle pressure on the fully automatic sock dyeing machine remain uniform and reasonable, ensuring the uniformity of the fabric dyeing and the degree of color.

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