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Elastic Fabric Washing
May 25, 2018

Elastic T-shirt washing

1. Elastic fabric can not be ironed at high temperature to prevent damage to fabric elasticity.

2, can not be bleached, will damage the elasticity of the fabric

3. Some elastic fabrics are made of core spun yarns. They are more fluffy with more plush on cloth. They should not be too heavy when washing to prevent pilling too mcuh.

4.Cant be insolated to prevent the damage of fabric elasticity

Cotton and thin T - shirt washing

1Should not too heavy when washing, do not wash with other thick clothes, to prevent deformation, pilling overweight and scratches, bruises, it is best to wash alone.

2. Light weight fabric is thinner and less elastic. Should pay attention to prevent the hard objects to hook the yarn and cause the hole to break when wearing, resulting in holes.

3. Lightweight fabrics are easy to deform. Don't pull too large when you wear them.


Other fabric T-shirts washing

1, Jacquard fabric because of the looser organization, the back of the fabric has a long floating line, so try not to wash with other thick clothes, zipper clothes, to prevent scratching, scraping the fabric, because the floating line on the back, so this kind of clothes should not washed reversed inside out.

2, Viscose knitted fabric (such as modal – more in women’s apparel), soft and thinner, this kind of fabric has lower strength of wet, in the water easy to occur fibrillation pilling, so it can only do light machine-wash, not too heavy.

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