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Electromagnetic radiation shielding textile
Apr 28, 2018

With the development of economy and technology, the application of electromagnetic radiation facilities and equipment is inevitable. WHO believes that in all kinds of pollution, the threat of electromagnetic radiation is the most serious, which seriously affects the public health and ecological environment.

Anti electromagnetic radiation textiles use the special technology and process to combine the anti electromagnetic radiation materials(usually metal materials) and textile fiber materials organically together, reflecting and shielding electromagnetic waves. The general shielding effectiveness is more than 95%, and at the same time, the textile has antistatic properties.

At present, there are three kinds of anti electromagnetic radiation textiles that have appeared on the market, such as metal wire anti electromagnetic radiation fabric, chemical plating electromagnetic radiation fabric and coating anti electromagnetic radiation fabric, can be applied to field nursing supplies (tents, clothing), interior decoration cloth, pregnant women's clothes, industrial protective clothing and industrial protective dressing materials and military and etc.

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