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Evaluation of mercerizing effect
Oct 11, 2018

One of the main indexes to measure the appearance effect of mercerized fabric.
Variable angle spectrophotometry and polarized light method can be used for measurement, but there is no uniform and ideal testing method. At present, visual evaluation is often used.

Microsection observation of fiber morphology

Adsorption properties 

(1). Barium method is a common method to test mercerizing effect. Barium is large and mercerizing is good.

Cotton barium value =100, barium value > 150 indicates full mercerization, usually 135~150.
(2). Iodine absorption

(3). Iodine contamination and staining test method
Samples with different barium values (100-160) were treated with iodine solution h or direct blue 2B to form color cards. The iodine contamination and dyeing depth of unknown samples were compared with color cards to quantitatively evaluate mercerized barium values.


2. Dimensional Stability

Mechanical shrinkage method or impregnation shrinkage method are used to measure the length change of the fabric before and after treatment. The shrinkage rate is calculated by formula. Generally, the warp shrinkage rate is usually greater than the weft shrinkage rate, but some varieties with higher warp density produce negative shrinkage rate (door width increases).

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