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Fiber Dyeing Process – Bleaching
Jul 17, 2018

After scouring, some impurities are removed and the water absorbency is improved, which can be directly used for dyeing. However, for high brightness and bright varieties, whiteness is not enough, and oxygen drifting is also needed. In the production operation, the alkali agent and the hydrogen peroxide stabilizer should be added first, and the hydrogen peroxide is added for a period of time to prevent the excessive concentration of the local alkali, so that part of the hydrogen peroxide is decomposed too fast and the whiteness is unevenly. After oxygen bleaching, it must be washed with acetic acid. If the water is not clean, the residual dilute acid will make the fiber brittle. In addition, in order to prevent the influence of residual hydrogen peroxide on subsequent dyeing, we can add a small amount of deoxy cotton enzyme fiber to bleach before processing.

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