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Fiber Dyeing Process –Dyeing
Jul 19, 2018

Dyestuff is widely used in cotton soaking dyeing and dyeing. Its chromatography is complete, its color is bright, its price is low, its levelness is good, and its operation and application are more convenient. In the process of fiber dyeing, the cotton fiber is still in the dyed cylinder, and the dyeing liquid is transported from the outer layer of the inner layer of the dyed cylinder to the fiber through the transmission of the main pump, so that the dye is evenly dyed. After a period of time, the dye is added to the cotton fiber as evenly as possible in the near neutral dye solution to make the dye attached to the cotton fiber as well as possible. When the dye attaching to the fiber is close to the balance, the dye is added to the dye to increase the pH value of the dye and accelerate the fixation reaction of the dye and fiber, so that the dye bond is fixed on the fiber to achieve the purpose of coloring.

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