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Gas-liquid dyeing machine
Aug 25, 2018

Gas-liquid dyeing machine concentrates on the advantages of air-flow dyeing and jet dyeing, and air-flow and dye liquor play their respective roles. Compared with the traditional air-flow dyeing machine, the power of the blower is reduced by 50%, and the levelness of the fabric in single cycle is improved, which is suitable for the processing of sensitive colors.


Gas-liquid separation dyeing machine combines the advantages of air flow and liquid flow dyeing, and derives its own unique performance. The machine adopts the principle of gas-liquid separation to improve the levelling and wrinkle resistance of the fabric. The dyeing process is low in requirement, high in dyeing success rate and high in washing efficiency. In addition to conventional fabric dyeing, it is more suitable for dyeing with sensitive color, high tightness and high elastic fabric. Compared with the air flow dyeing machine, the electricity consumption is 50%, which is wider than the overflow or jet dyeing machine.


Main technical features

The dye bath ratio is 1: 2~1: 3.5;

The combined dyeing nozzle can be applied to different dyeing processes.

When water is washed, the liquid flow and the fabric form a countercurrent exchange to improve the washing efficiency.

The effect of dye nozzles and fast levelling fabric guides greatly improves the levelling degree of fabrics.

It is suitable for sensitive color and reduces the dyeing process requirements.

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