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Hank Yarn Sub-sectional Dyeing Machine Features
Feb 28, 2018

Speaking of the characteristics of hank yarn sub-sectional dyeing machine, first of all, in fact, we actually have to pay attention to the distribution of its own there are mention cloth motor, there is frequency control, etc., in view of this, the cloth speed The above is bound to reach 600m / min; skein dyeing machine itself is able to be equipped with fully automated simulation into the liquid, as well as feeding and temperature control system, a relatively lower dyeing tank worse problem.


Hank yarn sub-sectional dyeing machine is also adopted by the structural design approach, in this regard, it is to ensure that the fabric can be in a state of lower tension, which is able to run at high speed, then it is able to With the impact of the cloth blanks points, this structure, not only can effectively ensure that the fabric in the entire dyeing of the orderly piled among the next, speaking, we actually have to pay attention to itself is to avoid the phenomenon of dyeing to the greatest extent , And in view of this, it is in itself able to improve the bulk of the fabric in bulk and feel.


Hank yarn sub-sectional dyeing machine in fact, there will be a special anti-cochlear flow baffle design, in this regard, it is in the dyeing process to ensure that in the process of running, it will not appear any spin phenomenon, To ensure the uniformity of the entire coloring.


The use of a nozzle for a skein dyeing machine can be properly adjusted above the gap, and in this respect, it is itself capable of adjusting the fabric at will according to the actual production conditions In fact, it would be more effective to achieve full jet dyeing or half jet dyeing.


The dyeing cylinder in the skein dyeing machine has a comparatively special inner net design on the main body, which ensures that even in the dyeing of high-density fabrics, the skein dyeing machine is practically speaking Can directly maintain its own relatively very smooth dyeing effect.

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