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Heat Transfer Paper Printing Machine Features
Mar 10, 2018

The products printed and printed by the heat transfer paper printing machine stand the test of time and can remain unchanged for a long period of time. In addition, the printed or printed characters on the thermal transfer paper printer can be stored for a long period of time without discoloration, no wear due to contact with the solvent, no discoloration due to high temperature, and the like.


With the maturity and popularity of technology, the price of heat transfer paper printing machine has also dropped to a level and range acceptable to the general public. However, there are still a lot of people do not know, with the current price reductions in printing supplies, direct use of thermal transfer paper printers for printing and printing the price is actually even lower than the printing cost.


Speaking of the characteristics of the heat transfer paper printing machine products, in detail, this equipment is suitable for the printing of roll-shaped materials such as BOPP, PET, PE, PVC, CPP, cellophane, paper and aluminum foil with excellent printing performance; This device uses the tension control of the motor. For its tension itself, there will be a pendulum roll detection and adjustment.


The roll-up and double-arm duplex mechanism on the thermal transfer paper printing press can realize the high-speed non-stop roll change operation when it is actually used. Next, we actually need to pay attention to the use of this device. It is a heavy-duty squeegee that can be adjusted in all directions; the traction roller on this device and its printing press roller itself will be pneumatically used, which is more convenient to use and energy-saving; the upper and lower splicing ovens, pneumatic opening and closing are more safe.


Pneumatic non-shaft mounting mechanism used in heat transfer paper printing machine can directly increase the efficiency of plate change; moreover, we actually need to pay attention to the automatic ink circulation system in the thermal transfer paper printing machine. Hard anodized statically balanced aluminum alloy guide rollers, and a computerized automatic color registration system; several functions are integrated to make our equipment perform particularly well when actually used.

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