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High efficiency anti-stain soaping finishing process
Sep 25, 2018

Unfixed dyes or hydrolytic dyes are generally difficult to clean, and can easily lead to problems such as color infiltration, white staining, re-staining, wet fastness and poor washing fastness. Therefore, the soap detergent used for cleaning reactive dyes must have strong washing power and strong function of preventing re-staining.


Performance characteristics

Physical indicators of products

Anti-stain soaping lotion PRITEX (Pnet) Pi-032 is a multi component surfactant which is soluble in water

Product features

It is used for cotton after-dyeing printing anti-stain and soaping. It has excellent retarding, dyeing and stabilizing effect on non cationic dyes. It does not contain prohibited substances such as APEO, which meets the environmental requirements.

Suitable variety

Anti-stain and soaping of cotton after dyeing

Production equipment

igh temperature overflow dyeing machine and normal temperature dyeing machine

Technical process

Dipping metho

Dosage: 1-2g/L, 98 centigrade X 10-20 minutes.

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