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High Temperature High Pressure Garment Dyeing Machine Features
Mar 08, 2018

High temperature high pressure garment dyeing machine actually used when the main is applied to clothing washing, fabric washing, then to say, it will be used for cotton, wool, chemical fiber and other fabric washing and dyeing and bleaching, on our company High temperature and pressure garment dyeing machine is concerned, that is, will include a variety of specifications such as 30,50,100,200,300.


Talking about the characteristics of high temperature and pressure garment dyeing machine, the first point, the more important, which means that the garment dyeing machine for wool, polyester, nylon, rayon and other knitwear dyeing and finishing. Next, in fact, we have to pay attention to this, this dye contact with the cylinder are made of high quality and its highly corrosion-resistant stainless steel plate made in Japan, so that we can ensure that there will be no pollution of fabric, with endurance Durable features.


High temperature high pressure garment dyeing machine dyeing cylinder wall and its paddle wheel surface polishing will have, and in this regard, the equipment used in the time, that is, to ensure that the fabric will not be damaged, then in accordance with different fabrics dyed The whole request and the load, and in this case speaking, that is, through the variable speed device to arbitrary high-speed paddle rotation speed.


Dyeing and finishing of high-temperature and high-pressure garment dyeing machine operation, that is, from start to stop button by the electric box to operate, and on its dyeing and finishing time, this time, that is, we will automatically time from the box Control, dyeing and finishing time will be adjusted according to different needs in advance.


High temperature high pressure garment dyeing machine dyeing and finishing operations, this time is to pay attention to itself is through the electrical box which positive and negative automatic controller, so that will make the high temperature and pressure garment dyeing machine dyeing cylinder which paddles Rotate the wheel to achieve inverted rotation, liquid fabric positive and negative flow changes, the most direct purpose, that is, to improve the overall effect of dyeing and finishing.

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