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Horizontal bobbin dyeing machine high production efficiency
Mar 02, 2018

Horizontal bobbin dyeing machine production efficiency, the production efficiency has a direct impact on the factors, the main is the length of the production process. The dyeing process represented by a horizontal bobbin dyeing machine is a major part of the production process. The process generally consists of heating, holding and cooling processes, and the heat source for this temperature change comes from the heat exchanger.


Improve the heat transfer efficiency, not only for the temperature change process to provide a shorter period of time, while horizontal bobbin dyeing machine in use, is bound to achieve energy saving purposes. In addition, in fact, there will be high-temperature emissions, pressure discharge, dye fluid pressure input and other related auxiliary functions, for improving productivity, shortening the time helper will also play a role.


Horizontal cheese dyeing machine to achieve energy saving: water is currently dyeing process and equipment which are commonly used medium, in addition to dyeing, washing must consume more water, and its process requirements of water itself is to have a certain Of the temperature, and as such the heat will be supplied by the saturated steam. Water is much more saturated steam will consume more, therefore, to reduce the water consumption of dyeing process has become a goal of the development of horizontal bobbin dyeing machine.


Compared with the traditional tube dyeing machine, the current horizontal tube dyeing machine has actually achieved a great structural improvement. Through the structural optimization design, combined with the characteristics of the dyeing process, the bath ratio is continuously reduced, and the steam and dye content are reduced Consumption.


Finally, the horizontal bobbin dyeing machine, that is, to pay attention to the development of modern dyeing technology shows that the performance of horizontal bobbin dyeing machine not only to meet the requirements of dyeing process, but also requires a short dyeing process, consumption The lowest energy, the least pollution to the environment. According to the above, through the horizontal bobbin dyeing machine structure and function of continuous improvement, its high efficiency, energy saving features will be very obvious.

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