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How to Improve Working Efficiency of HTHP Hank Yarn Jet Dyeing Machine
Mar 01, 2018

HTHP hank yarn jet dyeing machine after prolonged use, it is bound to be in the cylinder wall dirt deposition, especially in the printing and dyeing industry, the emphasis on control of sewage discharge in the context of the more printing and dyeing plant in order to save Water, is bound to cause a lot of dye, oligomer, grease, fiber debris and other materials deposited in high temperature and pressure hanger jet dyeing machine bottom.


If the high-temperature high-pressure hank jet dyeing machine in the above situation, the consequences are very serious, slight dye cylinder will rise, slow down the cooling rate, and in the dyeing, there will inevitably be a flying point, a serious will Lead to blocking dyeing equipment, dyeing temperature rise can not go up.


At this time according to the use of overflow cylinder, the main components of the cylinder sediments will not, mainly dust, grease, condensed dyes, dispersants, oligomers, calcium salts, according to different components using different Method of cleaning. And HTHP hank yarn jet dyeing machine must be cleaned, the specific cleaning method for us.


More commonly, on the high temperature and pressure hank jet dyeing machine oligomer removal, often pay attention to the use of NaOH or acidic sulfite detergent wash cylinder, after which care should be taken to join the carrier to help dissolve oligomers , The addition of high-temperature dispersant can inhibit the precipitation of oligomers, rapid cooling and high temperature drainage can prevent the oligomer deposition and aggregation.


Finally, on the HTHP hank yarn jet dyeing machine cleaning, in addition to direct removal of high temperature and pressure hank jet dyeing machine dirt, which itself is to make the dye cylinder in the normal temperature rise and cooling speed, but also that is To ensure the quality of the integrity of dyeing, but also to avoid the phenomenon of clogging equipment to ensure the equipment's high efficiency and maintenance-free.

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