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HTHP Cone Yarn Dyeing Machine Environmental Protection Requirements and Structure Optimization Design
Mar 03, 2018

The environmental requirements of HTHP cone yarn dyeing machine are actually based on the theme of environmental protection has become a global economic development theme, the actual survey found that the current dyeing machine and dyeing process can not get rid of water consumption, but the actual application and its At the time of production, people will inevitably work toward reducing water consumption and reducing the chemical impurities remaining in the sewage after dyeing, which have a detrimental effect on the environment.


Many features of the high temperature and high pressure bobbin dyeing machine to a large extent that will take into account the many, more common, we actually pay attention to the reduction of equipment bath ratio, in this regard, not only save water , Steam and dyes, and at the same time it reduces the amount of wastewater discharged. High temperature and high pressure bobbin dyeing machine performance improvement, while ensuring the reproducibility of the dyeing process, which is to reduce the rework rate, in fact, reduced because of rework or color repair to increase water consumption and emissions played a role in environmental protection Certain effect.


Next, we actually have to pay attention to the optimal design of the structure of HTHP cone yarn dyeing machine. For high temperature and pressure bobbin dyeing machine is actually there will be horizontal and vertical points, the actual use of the time will be vertical.


HTHP cone yarn dyeing machine developed today, about their different forms of their respective structure is bound to be great changes, large master cylinder, the main circulation system, dye cages; small to the top lock has varying degrees of change, each aspect Speaking, that is, high temperature and high pressure cylinder dyeing machine performance and function to play a significant role.


In this regard, we have noticed that the structural form exhibited by the high-temperature and high-pressure bobbin dyeing machine today is actually the overall optimization of these specific components. In order to illustrate this, but also is to reflect this point, this time for high temperature and high pressure cylinder dyeing machine is bound to be two major aspects of the structural design to improve.

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