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Improvement of three stage impeller pump technology
Sep 06, 2018

The ultra low bath ratio dyeing main circulation pump satisfies: large flow rate, high lift and high specific speed. The three stage impeller pump is used as the main circulation pump for dyeing super low bath ratio cheese. The improved three-stage impeller pump as the main circulation pump can meet 16-22 cycles per minute, so that dyeing at the same time can improve dye uptake, shorten dyeing time and improve dyeing uniformity.


The pressure difference between 0.6 bar and 1.0 bar is very stable when the traditional bath ratio dyeing is running, and there is no obvious change in the water level band. However, due to the sensitivity of the liquid level meter, this change exists in ultra-low bath ratio dyeing, and the pressure difference in the dyeing process can reach about 1.4-1.8 bar, and the time pressure difference when the feed level is too low. It will not decrease, but it will increase obviously. During the operation of an ultra-low bath ratio yarn dyeing machine with a load of 4 kg, the internal pressure, external pressure and running water level are recorded, and the pressure data under the changing state of running water level are obtained.

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