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Introduction of yarn dyeing machine
Jan 30, 2018

Yarn Dyeing machine is DB211 series High-temperature high-pressure dyeing machine, mainly suitable for dyeing pure cotton, polyester-cotton, polyester wheel, polyester wool, acrylic, nylon, hemp cotton, wool yarn and other yarn weaving and zipper. With various types of yarn racks, can be dyed different yarns, such as cheese yarn, twisted yarn, warp yarn and loose hair.

DB211 Series High-temperature High pressure dyeing machine has the following staining methods: One, full filling type: • Traditional auxiliary pump pressure = auxiliary cylinder external circulation system, easy to master the dyeing process, easy to operate (bath ratio 1:8-1:10) Two, barometric type: • Can be in half full state, according to the yarn quality and dyeing process adjustment bath ratio (1:5-1:8) , the dyeing quality is reliable, the operation is simple and convenient, saves the energy, the dye, the chemical auxiliary, the use is more extensive. Three, the mixed type: has the full charge and the barometric type two kinds of functions.

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