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Loose stock dyeing machine operating characteristics
May 23, 2018

The loose fiber dyeing carried out by the bulk fiber dyeing machine actually refers to cotton fibers, wool fibers, and loose latex staple fibers that have been subjected to a comb spinning process. At this time, attention should be paid to dyeing and then spinning into colored yarns. The dyeing process. The dyeing is mainly carried out in a special bulk fiber dyeing machine, and afterwards, a pump should be used to alternately circulate the dye liquor to obtain uniform dyeing.

After the operation of the loose stock dyeing machine, there will be intermittent and continuous types for the bulk fiber dyeing machine. For this bulk fiber dyeing machine, this time it will be composed of a charging drum, a circular dye bath and a circulation pump. And there is a central tube on the drum, and the wall of the barrel and the center tube are covered with small holes. At this time, the fiber should be placed in a drum, placed in a dyeing tank, put in a dye solution, and a circulating pump should be started. After that, it should be noted that the dyeing temperature should be increased.

For the dyeing liquid of the loose stock dyeing machine, this time will inevitably flow out of the center tube of the drum, and at this time it will directly pass through the fiber and drum wall from the inside to the outside, and in this regard After that, it will return to the central tube to form a cycle. Some loose fiber dyeing machines will also consist of a conical pan, a dyeing tank, and a circulation pump. The false bottom and the lid of the conical pot are covered with small holes.

When intermittent dyeing machines perform dyeing, loose fibers are loaded into the pan at this time, and care should be taken to put them into the dyeing tank after stamping. However, the dye liquor flows through the circulation pump through the false bottom and flows upwards out of the lid. At this time, it will also form a cycle for dyeing.

For continuous loose stock dyeing machines, on this point, it will actually be composed of hoppers, conveyor belts, roll rolls, steamer boxes and other components. And before the fiber is transported by the conveyor belt to the roller, it is filled with dye liquor and rolled into the steam box after being pressed by the pad roller. After steaming, we must pay attention to soaping and washing.

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