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Main Technical Characteristics and Dyeing Control of Normal Temperature Overflow Dyeing Machine For Towel
May 17, 2018

Towel ambient overflow dyeing machine is a new generation of environmental protection dyeing machine. The latest double eddy nozzle system and environment-friendly dye circulatory system are used in this equipment. In this respect, it is at a very low bath ratio of 1 : 5 dyed fabrics. The development of a towel-temperature overflow dyeing machine incorporates the latest technology and manufacturing processes, which are the devices that can best meet the challenges of today's market.


The cloth load of the Normal Temperature Overflow Dyeing Machine For Towel equipment is also 50kg, 100kg, 250kg, 500kg, 750kg, 1000kg, 1500kg, 2000kg and so on. With regard to the main technical features of this towel normal temperature overflow dyeing machine, first of all, for the latest fabric lifting system, as far as this is concerned, creases can be avoided to a great extent; the fabric lifting system is improved. The composition of the cloth roller, the diagonal of the lift roller and the swirl nozzle adopts the most reasonable design to reduce the generation of pleat scars.


The turbulence double jets in the towel normal temperature overflow dyeing machine equipment have relatively strong adaptability, and the tension impact on the fabrics during operation is bound to be reduced to the minimum, and this will also make the fabrics not fluffy. Phenomenon, then, this yarn will not appear split phenomenon, but after this elasticity is maintained, it will be more suitable for high and low density fabrics.


The towel dyeing system is also used in the normal temperature overflow dyeing machine of the towel. At this time, the capacity is increased, and the system for separating and recovering the entangled fabric and the dyeing liquid is reduced. After this, the equipment will also save energy and reduce the amount of additives. Reduce process time and increase cost efficiency.


The dyeing process in towel normal temperature overflow dyeing machine equipment is to control the dyeing process. And in this case, the temperature of the dye solution, the injection of dyes and auxiliaries, in fact, the means of controlling the dyeing process. For the larger conditions of the overflow spray bath, the towel bath ratio of the room temperature overflow dyeing machine equipment will be higher for these control methods.

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