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Mercerizing process
Oct 10, 2018

Classification by process:

1. First bleaching, then mercerizing
Mercerizing effect is good, waste alkali is net, but whiteness is poor, easy to stain, suitable for color cloth, especially heavy fabric.

2. First mercerizing ,then bleaching

The whiteness is good, but the luster is poor. The fabric is easy to be damaged during bleaching. It is suitable for bleached cloth and printed cloth.

3. Mercerizing after dyeing
Suitable for bruising or leveling varieties (mercerized fabrics feel harder, dyeing faster) dyeing dark color in order to improve the fabric surface effect and dyeing fastness, as well as some varieties of high gloss requirements, can also be used after mercerizing. (PS: mercerizing selectivity to dyes) 

4. Half mercerized before dyeing, and regular mercerization after dyeing.

 In order to improve the adsorption and chemical reactivity of dyes.




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