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New technology of pulse current and its control method
Sep 05, 2018

Block diagram of pulse flow impact dyeing principle. "Time pulse generator" by the computer according to random signals issued to the controller pulse signal, to change the motor 16 times per minute pulse fluctuation frequency dyeing, this frequency change is within the allowable range of water level fluctuations. The controller adopts ideal reference model (water level regulation law) and frequency conversion motor to control ultra-low bath ratio three-stage impeller pump, outputs pulse current shock wave, compares ideal model with output pulse current (water level at pump inlet), obtains error, and gives water level reference identification by self-adaptive water level monitoring warning line, adjusts speed of frequency conversion motor. To the pulse flow of dyeing process.


The ideal reference model of dyeing machine is the quality control rule of new dyeing process. According to dyeing materials, 3 kinds of yarn dyeing process are selected, including pure cotton, man-made fiber and chemical fiber. Impulsive pulse flow dyeing is carried out under ultra-low bath ratio, the dye solution does not immerse the spindle and reduces the amount of dye additives; the spindle and dye solution are not immersed in water, which reduces the spindle penetration resistance, speeds up the dyeing exchange speed, facilitates leveling dyeing and shortens the dyeing time; the dye solution washes the spindle cycle under the pulse flow, making the spindle and dye solution circulate. The cycle frequency can be controlled by the speed of the motor, which is the principle of impulse pulse dyeing.

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