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Normal Temperature Normal Pressure Jigger Dyeing Machine Structure and Operation
Mar 07, 2018

Speaking of normal temperature normal pressure jigger dyeing machine, in fact, that is suitable for a variety of thick, thin chemical fiber fabric at room temperature and pressure dyeing, and normal temperature and pressure jigger is not the same, Jigger itself is able to all Natural and blended fabrics are dyed under high temperature and pressure.


About the main structure of the normal temperature normal pressure jigger dyeing machine, the first one refers to the roll sticks. The center of the device is the two bobbins that are alternately wound back and forth. The fabric is unwound from one bobbin and wound onto the other bobbin. During the winding process, After the dye under the stick, then it will absorb the dye above the cloth surface, but also in the winding process of adsorption, bonding, fixation.


Dyeing tank at normal temperature normal pressure jigger dyeing machine structure, also known as dye tank, is located below the coil cloth sticks, containing dye liquid, which winding cloth width from the bottom of the dye tank through liquid; on this gear differential mechanism, A constant speed of the two rolls of cloth sticks to ensure that when the fabric width through the wrinkles will not be fast, slow wrinkled phenomenon will not be slow or fast because of tension caused by too fast Large, elongated or even broken off the fabric of the mechanical device.


At normal temperature normal pressure jigger dyeing machine head structure, play a constant machine cylinder up and down, left and right temperature of the role of the fabric to prevent liquid above the wind and heat dissipation caused by energy loss, at the same time, to a great extent Will also prevent the upper temperature is too low to affect dye penetration and fixation. However, it should be noted here that if the cylinder head of the high-temperature and high-pressure jigger plays the role of a pressure cooker cover, the internal temperature of the cylinder exceeds 100 ° C and is suitable for dispersing the dyed polyester fabric.


Next, when it comes to the operation of the room temperature and pressure jigger, first of all, it should be carried out, it means that the dye must be fully stirred and dissolved in the barrel before it can be driven into the machine cylinder or the fabric may produce color Dye stains; after the operation on the room temperature and pressure jigger, but also must pay attention to the temperature, temperature and head and tail aspects of the operation.

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