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Obvious broken stripe in the print image
Apr 18, 2018

Why: because of the broken needle in the ink head, the pressure point spray head can cause broken stripes in the image as long as there is an clogging  ink hole. If there are more than one clogging hole, the broken stripe will become serious.

Solution: cleaning the head, cleaning the clogging nozzle

A. Impurities in the pipe

B. Impurities in the ink sac, cleaning the ink sac pipe

C. Ink is polluted

D. Ink quality has problems, replaced the ink

E. Environmental problems, temperature too low, installing air conditioning, to improve working environment temperature.

F. Spray head is not in good condition and replaced the nozzle

G.The surface of the head is too dirty with fluffy, cleaning the surface.

H. Scraper,ink stack is too dirty. Cleaning scraper, ink sac, ink stack

I. Air pipe in the ink sac, drawing out the air

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