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Optimizing technology design to reduce the possibility of technical contamination
Jun 05, 2018

The selection of grey cloth is the premise of producing high-grade and non contamination products.

The optimized pretreatment technology can beautify the fabric appearance, enhance the moisture absorption of the fiber and the uniformity of the dye adsorption, reduce the possibility of the dye re-adsorption during the process of printing and dyeing, and achieve a good anti contamination effect.

To choose the suitable dye, the direct of the dye is small, the hydrolyzed dye is easy to wash, the fiber is not stained, the lose color of fabric surface is less, in addition, the dye has good diffusivity and can be fully diffused into the fiber within a short time and fully reacted.

Improve or select equipment according to the different fabric. The washing and soaping of the woven fabric are usually use open-width cloth feeding and continuous soaping. The knitted fabric uses slack washing method, and the rope washing process is changed into open-width feeding, and add a large amount of charge to the fabric.

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