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Overprint ark Stripes in printing image
Apr 19, 2018


1. Head deviation, single head with oblique deviation, two head position is not aligning.

2. The paper feeder is too tight for clipping, feeding is not smooth. It causes great resistance to Y axis stepper motor, and can't reach the standard of step value.

3. It has differences in step volume when different thickness papers are fed.


1, Calibrate spray head, please contact professional and technical personnel.

2, Use manual to release paper to reduce the resistance.

3, Adjust the paper step in the machine, set up the CALIBRATION menu, increase or decrease the step value.

4. Spray head is broken line,cleaning the head

5. Printing ink is not enough,increase the amount of ink out

6. The paper feeder is too tight, relax the paper feeder

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