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Printing machine does not appear ink problem
Apr 25, 2018

Ink drop


A. Temperature is too low, increase the temperature of the environment

B. Spray head is not cleaned and cleaned to clean the nozzle

C. Pipe or ink sac break up and replace them

D. Added too much ink,the amount of ink added is not more than the ink cartridge

Ink cant go out from the head


1.  There is no ink in the ink sac, draw ink or add ink.

  2. The data line of the spray head is not plugged in well, reinsert the data line.


Treatment of ink clogging


1. In the process of printing image, the gradual breaking of ink is caused by ink sac and spray head. The reason may be that the ink sac is dirty and the head is aging. At this time, ink sac and head can be cleaned. If they are not clean, they need to be replaced.

2. Abrupt ink breaking in the printing process, and the ink breaking seriously, if print the purity bottom map,it break badly at 5-10cm commonly, the broken ink is mostly caused by ink, most of it is to replace the ink.

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