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Quick installation and operation of loose fiber dyeing machine
Feb 27, 2018

For the position of the installation of loose fiber dyeing machine to determine, but this time to pay attention to its installation in the scattered fiber dyeing machine, it should be reserved for equipment maintenance and operation of the space, so that is to facilitate future operation and maintenance ; At this time should also be scattered fiber dyeing machine installed in a relatively flat foundation, and then use the feet of the screws to be fixed.


In the installation of loose fiber dyeing machine, it is best to pay attention to the use of equipment to check the level of equipment, the level of inadequate circumstances must be found in order to install; next to say, on the dyeing machine The three-phase four-wire power supply, the whole placed in the box which the wire box; for scattered fiber dyeing machine installation of the entire process, the equipment must be grounded for the appropriate treatment to ensure the safety of equipment installation and use Sex.


Next, on the loose fiber dyeing machine operating procedures, for all parts of the machinery and equipment must always be checked, more commonly used operation, in terms of this point, we also should pay attention to look at the fastener is not Fastened. If there is a problem, we also need to pay attention to promptly deal with and solve.


Then, on the operation of loose fiber dyeing machine, on the fabric should pay attention to sorting by color or texture, etc., can not be all mixed together. Again, as far as the operation of the bulk fiber dyeing machine is concerned, the amount of detergent must be kept moderate, too little or too little is bad.


Finally, on the operation of the bulk fiber dyeing machine, the steam valve can be closed at this time if its water temperature reaches 70 ° C. Next, after the operation of the bulk fiber dyeing machine is completed, the power must be cut off at this time. The purpose of doing so is to prevent the accidental start-up of our bulk fiber dyeing machine and to ensure that the equipment is processed Time efficiency and quality.

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