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Scouring and bleaching process for 100% cotton fabric-Gray cloth preparation
Jul 31, 2018

Gray cloth preparation: It includes cloth inspection, flip cloth (batch, sub box, printing) and seam head. The purpose of the original cloth inspection is to check the quality of the grey cloth and find that the problem can be solved in time. The inspection includes two items: physical indicators and appearance defects. The former includes the length, amplitude, weight, warp and weft yarn density, strength and so on, while the latter includes spinning defects, weaving defects, various class stains and breakage. About 10% of the total amount is checked. After the inspection of the gray cloth, the gray cloth must be divided, divided into boxes, and printed on the cloth head, indicating the variety, processing technology, batch number, box number, date of release and the name of the person, so as to facilitate the management. In order to ensure continuous batch processing, the orgray cloth must be sewn.

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