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Scouring and bleaching process for 100% cotton fabric-Desizing
Aug 02, 2018

Desizing: In order to smooth weaving, textile mills often use warp sizing to improve strength and wear resistance. The size of the fabric on the fabric can not only affect the water absorption of the fabric, but also affects the quality of the dyeing and finishing products, and it will increase the consumption of the chemicals, so the slurry should be removed before the scouring process, which is called desizing. The size of cotton fabric can be desized by alkali desizing, enzyme desizing, acid desizing and oxidizing agent desizing. Alkali desizing increases the size of the pulp, decreases the adhesion to the fiber, and washes away from the fabric by washing. Enzymes, acids and oxidants degrade starch and increase the solubility in water, which is washed away by water. Because acids and oxidants are highly damaging to cotton fibers, they are seldom used alone, and are often used in combination with enzyme desizing and alkali desizing.

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