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Scouring and bleaching process for 100% cotton fabric-Scouring
Aug 03, 2018

Scouring: Cotton fibers grow with natural impurities (pectin, waxy substances, nitrogenous substances, etc.). After desizing, most of the size and some of the natural impurities have been removed, but a small amount of size and most of the natural impurities remain on the fabric. The presence of these impurities makes cotton cloth more yellow and poor in permeability. At the same time, because of the existence of cottonseed hull, the appearance quality of cotton cloth is greatly affected. Therefore, the fabric needs to be scoured for a long time in high temperature concentrated lye to remove residual impurities. The scouring is to use caustic soda and other scouring assistants to react with pectin, wax like substances, nitrogen containing substances and cottonseed shells for chemical degradation, emulsification, swelling and so on. After washing, the impurities are removed from the fabric.

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