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Scouring and bleaching process for 100% cotton fabric-Bleaching
Aug 04, 2018

Bleaching: After the cotton fabric is scouring, because of the natural pigment on the fiber, its appearance is not white enough to be dyed or printed, which will affect the brilliance of the color. The purpose of bleaching is to remove the pigment and give the fabric the necessary and stable whiteness, while the fiber itself is not significantly damaged. The usual bleaching methods for cotton fabrics are sodium hyaluronate, double oxygen water and sodium chlorite.
A) The pH value of bleaching liquid bleached by sodium hypochlorite is about 10. It is carried out at normal temperature. It is simple in equipment, convenient in operation and low in cost, but it has great damage to the strength of fabric and low whiteness. It
B)The bleaching solution of hydrogen peroxide bleaching has a pH value of 10. The bleached fabric has high whiteness and stability, good handle, and can also remove pulp and natural impurities. The disadvantage is that the equipment is high and the cost is high. Under suitable conditions, combined with caustic soda, desizing, scouring and bleaching can be completed at one time. It
C) The pH value of bleached sodium chlorite bleached is 4 ~ 4.5, which is carried out at high temperature. It has the advantages of good whiteness and less damage to fiber, but it is easy to produce toxic gases, pollute the environment, corrode equipment, and the equipment needs special metal material, so it is limited in application. Dechlorination should be carried out after bleaching of sodium hypochlorite and sodium chlorite, in order to prevent the fabric from being damaged due to residual chlorine in storage.

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