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Scouring and bleaching process for 100% cotton fabric-Mercerizing
Aug 06, 2018

Mercerization: Mercerization refers to the process of improving fabric properties by treating cotton fabric at room temperature or low temperature under tension in the direction of warp and weft, with concentrated caustic soda solution. The cotton fabric is mercerized, because of the fiber expansion, the longitudinal natural torsion of the fiber vanishes, the cross section is elliptical, and the reverse of the light is more regular, thus enhancing the luster. The increase of the invisible zone determines the dye uptake. The improvement of orientation improves the strength of fabrics, as well as the shaping effect. After mercerizing, it is necessary to wash and absorb alkali or evaporator to remove alkali, or flat washing to remove alkali and other methods to fully alkali, until the fabric is neutral. The dyeing is a combination of physical or chemical properties of dyes and fibers, or chemical methods to produce pigments on the fiber to make the whole textile process a certain color. Dyeing is carried out under certain conditions such as temperature, time, pH and auxiliaries. Dyed products should be uniform in color and need to have good color fastness. The dyeing method of fabric is mainly divided into dyeing and pad dyeing. Impregnation is a method of immersing fabric in dye solution and gradually dyeing dyestuffs. It is suitable for small batch and variety dyeing. Rope dyeing and coiling are all belong to this category. A pad dyeing is a dyeing method that first impregnated the fabric in the dye, then rolled the fabric through the roll, evenly rolled the dye into the interior of the fabric, and then steamed or hot-melt. It is suitable for dyeing in large quantities of fabrics.

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