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Setting for cotton and rayon
Sep 15, 2018

Setting temp.: 160—190speed:20-30m/min

If cotton cloth is dyed with direct dyeing, the cold and hot colors of the embryo cloth vary greatly. The color of the embryo cloth must be completely cooled before it can be corrected. The active material has little change.

Rayon is easy to aging at high temperature, Burnt flower cloth is easy to hook and break.

The shrinkage rate of cotton is very high. When finalizing, the tension of the cloth should be reduced, the pressure of the press car should be increased, the cloth should be pressed dry, the hot air fan should be turned on to the maximum, the machine speed can be adjusted slowly, and the shrinkage rate can be reduced. If the customer demands high, the shrinkage test should be done.

If the customer asks for no twisting, the twill must be set.

Real silk

The temperature is 100 - 120 , the speed is 20-30m/min.

The silk is finalized and the hot air is small.

Silk is more delicate. It can't get water and sweat when setting, not force too hard when stentering.

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