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Setting for Polyester grey fabric
Sep 13, 2018

1. Setting temp.: 170℃—200℃,speed:20-28m/min

2. Polyester stereotyped color generally does not change much, but red dye sublimation fastness is not good, after finishing the chassis will leave the dye, can not immediately do light color, can only do black, but also can use waste cloth more than a few times machine, can do light color.

3. Polyester rack cloth shrinkage rate is very large, such as customer requirements elasticity, shrinkage rate is small, feel good, must be scheduled to Die embryo cloth, pay special attention to black and white, red and white flowers, due to poor sublimation fastness of dyes, finished products must be set at low temperature, such as high temperature will seriously stain the product.

4. Polyester polyester wave ratio cloth finalization, attention should be paid to the cloth, edge thickness, temperature should be well controlled, can not be too high, slow speed adjustment, pull twice. Divided into two sets can reduce the thickness difference of the edge, the first set, the door width is about 6-8 inches less than the finished product, gram weight about 100 grams. The second time is 5-10 degrees lower than the first temperature.


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