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Technical characteristics of new overflow machine
Aug 22, 2018


1. The bath ratio is small: the dye bath ratio can reach 1:5

2. Dye leveling device: specially designed feeding system can also ensure levelling effect of fabric at low bath ratio.

3. High reproducibility: programmable metering water intake, accurate quantitative filling system, fabric circulation time control, adjustable nozzle pressure.

4. Fabric surface quality is good: low dyeing bath ratio, less water carried by the fabric in operation, reducing the weight of the fabric, reducing the fabric tension and friction caused by the phenomenon of wool, improving the fabric surface effect, reducing shrinkage.

5. Energy saving and high efficiency: saving more than 50% of water consumption than traditional dyeing machine, saving more than 40% of auxiliary and steam.

6. Independent water supply cleaning device: due to the use of independent water supply, cleaning water pressure can be higher and stronger, washing cylinder faster and cleaner.

7. Variable load adjustment of cloth groove: Due to the design of variable load adjustment of cloth groove, the thickness and thickness of the fabric, the load of large and small, can be normal dyeing.

8. High degree of automation: the use of touch screen computer control, its powerful formula management system, historical records system and intuitive real-time trend monitoring system, so that the operation of the machine, management and maintenance is extremely simple and fast.

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