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Textile Roller Printing Machine Advantages
Mar 17, 2018

Because of the advancement in the technological level of our country and the maturity of manufacturing processes, the gap between domestic heat transfer textile roller printing machines and imported machines has become smaller and smaller. There are several factors in the choice of domestically-made textile drum printing machines or imported textile drum printing machines. In fact, you also said that we need to focus on consideration.


When choosing a textile roller printing machine, pay attention to its cost factors. Because of the factors related to taxes, taxes and freight on imported equipment, the price of imported heat transfer printing machines will inevitably be much higher than that of similar domestic heat transfer printing machines.


The second key to the selection of textile printing machines is technology. Because the key part of the textile drum printing machine is that the drum is basically imported for this core part. So whether it is a thermal transfer roller printing machine or a transfer roller printing machine, it is basically the same in the key equipment used.


Imported textile roller printing machine equipment is good or bad, on its after-sales service is that we need to consider. Regardless of domestic equipment or imported equipment, good after-sales service is one of the important factors to consider when choosing a thermal transfer printing machine. For processing problems, the timeliness and effectiveness of troubleshooting can also directly determine the efficiency and cost of production.


When the textile roller printing machine is selected, domestic or imported is not the main factor in choosing the time. The main consideration is the strength of the manufacturer's R&D. Our manufacturer's R&D strength determines the strong competitiveness of textile drum printing machine products in the market. The equipment used can be advancing with the times, upgrading, and there is a new generation of products that can adapt to the requirements of future development. Our manufacturers also attach great importance to the level of support for the entire process, which will inevitably ensure the quality and development of the textile printing machine.

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