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The change of mercerizing
Jan 30, 2018

Mercerizing: Cotton products (yarns, fabrics) under tension conditions, with a concentrated caustic soda solution, and then under tension to wash away the process of caustic soda.

Alkali Shrink: Cotton products in the state of relaxation with concentrated caustic soda liquid treatment, so that the fiber (fibre) arbitrary contraction, and then wash the process of caustic soda, also called no tension mercerizing, mainly used for cotton knitwear processing.


After mercerizing: The following changes occur in the fabric

1, gloss improvement

2, adsorption capacity, chemical reaction capacity enhancement

3, shrinkage, dimensional stability, fabric flatness improvement

4, strength, extensibility, such as taking mechanical properties have changed

Although alkali shrinkage can not improve the luster of the fabric, but can make the yarn become close, elastic, feel plump, in addition, strong and the dye (dye) adsorption capacity.

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