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The characteristics of sanding fabric
Apr 11, 2018

1. Soft and thick. Through continuous friction, the cloth becomes very soft, like kneading the dough continuously, it will become more and more soft and flexible.

2. It won't be easy to be pilling. The clothes are very good, but it is easy to be pilling, this is the problem that many fabric made of clothes will have, but the sanding fabric will not, because of the unique sanding process, the friction caused by the wearing clothes and do the laundry in normal times,is completely removed in the process of making, this is an innovation of the production process and also is a new variety.

3.Imitating of the human body is strong, we will add the fabric with polyurethane emulsion, and then go through a new round of sanding, can make the surface of the fabric feel like artificial ski of the simulation effect, the degree of simulation is very high.


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