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The composition, process flow and adaptation circle of Indigo Dyeing And Sizing Machine
May 22, 2018

Speaking of the composition of the Indigo Dyeing And Sizing Machine, the history of sizing has now been a long time in our country, and most of the domestic cotton textile companies have sizing machines. With the development of denim and the specificity of the dyestuffs used, the Indigo Dyeing And Sizing Machine has now been developed. It can be said that the dyeing and dyeing machine dyeing part will be designed specifically for the continuous dyeing process of indigo.


Indigo Dyeing And Sizing Machine consists of sizing and dyeing. There is a yarn storage rack between sizing and dyeing. At this time, the continuity of the two can be maintained. The length of the machine is 75m. Indigo pulping and dyeing machine process, the main is that it will include a batch of arch shaft, a boiled yarn, faded, a 3-way, a dyeing level, a 10-channel, a 3-washing, drying a storage rack A sizing ~ dry, split twisted, reel.


For Indigo pulp dyeing machine fit, because this equipment is specially designed for indigo dyeing. However, with the development of the times, the kinds of colors that can be done on this equipment will be far greater than the original design. In this regard, mercerizing, dyeing vulcanization, naphthol dyes, direct dyes, vat dyes, soluble vat dyes, polycondensation dyes, and the like.


The Indigo Dyeing And Sizing Machine equipment not only dyes the fibers of its preparation fibers and its protein fibers, but also other fibers are dyed on the equipment of the Association Machine. When this equipment is used, we must also pay attention to it. The most suitable ones are also sulphur dyes, naphtol dyes and vat dyes.


Indigo pulp dyeing machine is used in the transmission part of the Dan group independent variable motor drive. Because of the increase in the number of oxidation frames, in this respect, it is inevitable that the tension of the Miao line on the oxidation frame will be shaped. It is precisely because of this that each group of rice cooking racks has increased the aerodynamic tension and adjustment to expect to adapt to different types. Yarn tension.

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