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The effect of bath ratio on dyeing quality
Mar 29, 2018

The bath ratio affects not only the color and lustre of the fabric, but also the normal operation of the fabric in the dyeing machine. If the ratio of the bath is too small ,the fabric is difficult to run, the capstan can not carry the fabric smoothly from the dyeing room, and the fabric will run slowly. If the bath ratio is too large. The fabric will float on the water. It is easy to be disturbed and knot, so that the fabric is dyed unevenly. In addition, the bath ratio is too large, it will increase the amount of dyes and auxiliaries, will also increase the labor intensity of the ingredient operation at the same time. Therefore, the determination of the bath ratio should be reduced as much as possible in the premise of without affecting the operation of the fabric and ensuring the quality of the dyeing.

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